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“i-Like”--carries out a new definition to all new generations, especially those of 80s boygs and girls. The core value is to love ourself, love our family and love our friends, of couse, we also love our cars. So, "i-Like" would like to make the best products for all car-lovers to make their cars clean and shinny everyday, which can bring to us not only a sunny day but also win respect and good words from our friends. As our words: I like to make you succesful, I like to make you great!

“Captain”--it is offering quality aerosol products, including spray paints and car care products, and also industrial purpose use products. It is for professional use, and recommended by honored Captain. Reliable quality, trusted brand! It always bring you confidence and trust!


"KingJoin" is the brand for our adhesives and sealants. It is born with royal kingdom blood, which brings you great adhesiveness to draw our attention and our pull our hearts together. When the kings join tegether, great power arises, and a new & powerful world is there, just in front of us.


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